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Optimise Efficiency and Precision in Surface Finishing Processing with Our Innovative Software Suite
Why Proplate ?

Surface Finishing At Its Best!

The Next Generation Enterprise Software is designed to incorporate all aspects of Surface Finishing operations.

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Shop Floor Management

Track your order at each processing step and streamlined Quality Assurance System designed with ISO guidelines to ensure increased productivity

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Powerful Dynamic Scheduling

Use one comprehensive tool to create a dynamic schedule that updates at all stations in real time, eliminating the need to update paperwork continuously.

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Calculates Areas

Calculates Complex Part Surface Areas & Optimal Part Load Capacities Precise surface area calculations on complex part geometries.

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Chemical Test Analysis & Reporting

Track your chemical concentration for each tank and accurately calculate chemical cost per pound, gallon, or barrel.

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Built-in Quotation & Invoicing System

Managing and generating Quotes has always been challenging. Your following quote is just 2-clicking away.

We Work Together For Success.

We are here to assist Surface Finishing companies in achieving their optimum performance and success, from set-up to execution.

Creating actionable data for growth

Reduce operating costs

Business Integration & Support


Easy To Use Plant Management Software

About us

Proplate™ Software Is Powered By Rudram Engineering, Inc

Rudram Engineering, Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner in Rockledge, Florida, USA. We specialise in assisting organisations of all sizes with designing, developing, and implementing enterprise-wide computer software solutions. We also provide highly skilled Staff Augmentation resources to companies and governments.


Plant Management Software For Metal Finishing, Heat Treating, And Coatings

The Next Generation Enterprise Software is designed to incorporate all aspects of Surface Finishing operations.
Yes, our team is available to answer any technical questions via email at: sales@proplate.pro or phone# (866) 292-8525.
Yes, please contact us for more information at: sales@proplate.pro and our team can provide more information in regards to the full customization capabilities.
PROPLATE™ software is powered by Rudram Engineering, Inc. REI’s team has over 35 years of combined experience in the Surface Finishing Industry and Technology Solutions. REI is capable of delivering Software Application Development, Systems Engineering & Integration, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) & Cloud-based technology, Hardware/Software Integration, Process Control Systems, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Staffing and Team Augmentations.
The software is mobile friendly and user-friendly. It can be use on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, or any mobile device.
PROPLATE™ operates from the Cloud, so no customer IT infrastructure is required to operate it.

The Next Generation Enterprise-level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that tracks all aspects of the Surface Finishing Industry - PROPLATE™

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