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Staff Augmentation

Struggling to complete a project without hiring Full-Time staff? Is it a “one-off” project that would require you to terminate the individual(s) once the project is complete? You are not alone. Rudram Engineering is a Leader in Staff Augmentation! We provide highly-skilled individuals (Architect, Project Manager, Designer, Developer, QA Analyst, Trainer) or a complete Team that is required for a Project. Our resources are available for either On-site or Off-site work regardless of the size of the Project.

Rudram Engineering uses an intensive process of background checks, reference checks, and SME-conducted interviews to ensure each resource we place is in the Top 1% of their field. This is the main reason companies – large and small – utilize Rudram Engineering resources for their Staff Augmentation needs.

All needs are different. Based on information shared during an initial
Evaluation Meeting, Rudram Engineering makes a concise recommendation
to ensure success for each and every Customer.

Rudram Engineering has mastered the ability to integrate very quickly with internal Staff, Stakeholders and Users. Regardless of where the resource(s) are located (on-site or off-site), Rudram Engineering staff blends with internal employees for a seamless and highly productive team.