Rudram Engineering Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Custom Software Development

Rudram Engineering follows well-established development methodologies to ensure close collaboration with project stakeholders. Ultimately the success of the project should be based on the vision specified.

Some of our software development capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Portals and Content Management
  • Intranets and Customer Collaboration Platforms
  • Detailed Design, Implementation, and Integration
  • Functionality and Performance Testing
  • Knowledge and Learning Management Systems
  • Mash up applications bringing together multiple technology platforms
  • Migration Services – SharePoint, Document Management, etc.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics

Rudram Engineering focuses on the development and deployment of Data Analytics solutions to assist enterprises with strategic decision-making. We utilize our in-depth industry knowledge and experience in managing complex analytics to bring together the combined expertise of process, analytics, and data.

Our team analyzes data and provides you with deep insights into undiscovered possibilities. Our data analysts have a unique approach to critically analyzing information to assist you in surfacing data in a visual format.

Software Integrations

Many Companies are increasingly facing challenges as a result of using multiple, and very different software packages. Rudram Engineering provides specialty services to allow these different packages to co-exist in a seamless way. By creating integration components, data can move between the disparate systems as if they were one comprehensive package.

SaaS Application Development

Many Companies see the extraordinary cost savings, time savings, and wage savings of moving systems to a Cloud-based infrastructure. Platforms like Azure, AWS and others have built a reputation for tight-security, flexibility, and reliability. As a result, Rudram Engineering has a Cloud / SaaS Team with highly-skilled experts that focuses on making those dreams a reality for companies of all sizes! We even sell a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that is deployable as either a SaaS product or on-premise software – to provide Customers the highest level of flexibility.

Cyber Security

Recently Cyber Security has been thrust to the forefront with so many major Companies getting hacked, so many schemes (phishing, catfishing, bait and switch, denial of service) and wide-spread viruses or trojans. Rudram Engineering has an outstanding reputation for helping Companies of all sizes to be out-front and prepared for these types of attacks – so they can be thwarted BEFORE damage is done to systems and/or data.