Rudram Engineering (REI) has performed countless Commercial projects to the most stringent performance standards. Some of REI’s most outstanding work in the Commercial field have been in upgrading, enhancing, integrating, and/or redesigning companies’ legacy systems. Old, slow, and inefficient legacy systems prevent Operations from performing at an optimal level and represent the single greatest cost to many companies. We are experts in integrating the newest technologies into clients’ outdated legacy systems, while ensuring all legacy data is transitioned seamlessly into the new system with no down-time. REI is capable of designing and integrating any type of advanced electronic system regardless of the industry. With domestic and international software facilities, we can bring your company’s idea(s) to life with the quality our brand stands behind, at an affordable price. You won’t believe the positive impact a new technology system can have on your company’s operational performance efficiency and bottom-line financial results!

In addition to Engineering Services, REI also provides Staffing and Managed Teams augmentation services for our customers. To find out more details, please click here.

If you have any idea or strategy, REI can bring it to life with technology. Or if your company is facing a technology limitation, please contact us now with your requirements at (321) 735-4159 or

Rudram Engineering’s (REI’s) systems are built directly to our Government's specifications and served them to excel in their duties. The REI team brings expertise through many years of product development and customer collaboration experience. We have provided product development and services to both the Army’s Air Warrior and Air Soldier programs. This included the design and development of various models (spiral) of Electronic Data Manager, GPS Message Router, Soldier Computer Module, Personal Display Module, and Mission Display Module. REI played a critical role in the development of Interactive Situation Awareness Software (ISAS), and possesses advanced understanding of Army operations. Substantial domain knowledge and experience lead to superior execution and program success. Due to our bar-setting accomplishments, REI received multiple US Army achievement awards.

REI has carried out many product development projects in order to upgrade various tactical equipment on patrol vessels (FIC-Fast Intercept Craft), such as radar, AIS, marine radios, and echo sounders. Aligning with KPP’s (Key Performance Parameters), the project demanded that the new equipment save space and provide better functionality with existing legacy systems. REI successfully integrated multi-functional boxes with a two-part solution to save valuable vessel space which included: 1) providing compact hardware, and 2) implementing a seamless, capable, system solution. The team developed powerful software to efficiently acquire data from a single point of access. If you have any idea or strategy, REI can bring it to life with technology. Please contact us now with your concepts at (321) 735-4159 or

Contract Number: 47QTCA18D00JX

REI is honored to have been awarded a GSA contract, and has been long-preparing to serve the government in a greater capacity. Since Day 1, the company has been processed-oriented. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, appraised to CMMI Level 3, and has satisfied the recent NIST 800:171 security protocols. REI provides companies and clients’ engineering solutions to any of their technological needs, ideas, or problems. REI’s mission is to be the government’s trusted, agile partner that delivers managed niche teams and/or specialized resources at a quality that exceeds your expectations, and at a rate that beats the competition.

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Customer: Secure Communication Systems

Application: Patrol vessels, Survey vessels, and small landing craft.

Highlights: Rudram carried out a product development project in which various ship vessel equipment, including radar, AIS, marine radio, echo sounder etc., required upgrades. As a part of the project’s KPP’s (Key Performance Parameters), the new equipment was required to save space and provide better functionality with existing legacy systems already in place. We combined multiple functional boxes into a two-piece solution. This included providing a 15” computing display unit and a functional box to save valuable space on the vessel and provide quick access through single point of control. We developed software to combine all functionalities for users to access widespread information seamlessly. The prototype was completed on time and within schedule.

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Customer: KSD Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Application: Use of radio technology to improve coastal security and surveillance.

Highlights: Threats coming from sea are more prominent than ever and must be detected well in advance in order to timely deploy appropriate forces and avoid tragedies. A small vessel, or even a canoe, detonating an explosive along the coastline is a significant risk. Defense system architects face a difficult challenge with intruder detection tasks. Surveillance must provide large area detection with low false-alarm rates in areas that are often extremely near authorized “innocent” activity.

Program Outlook: Rudram provided a white paper solution that suggested using current market technology. A Command Coordination System was built upon the fundamental structure of maritime security and VTS (Vessel Tracking System) to offer all current features, while adding capability to detect, track, and identify the smallest targets. The system converts raw data into information that aids situational awareness in day-to-day patrolling operations. In addition, other features provided unique tools for this application: multiple parallel tracking, and detect and declutter objects to identify small targets in the presence of large objects.